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Sweet Beginnings

Love Happens, Book 1

He's the man who has it all:  money and looks, but no one to share them with. She's the woman who doesn’t fit in: a single mom with no degree and more debt than she can handle.

Both of them came to the town of Sweet Blooms hoping to start over and find a forever home. To find love, they make a pact to help one another, not knowing what they are searching for is already in front of them.

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Love Under Contract

Women of Quality, Book 1

Sadonna Alston has sacrificed her personal life for her nonprofit company, Quality Homes. She became passionate about helping homeless families after she discovered one of her friend’s was homeless when she was in high school. Now a large company wants to acquire her. Sadonna is ready for the fight until their negotiator shows up on her door.

Michael Travers is the best acquisitions negotiator from Families Inc. When his next assignment is to acquire Quality Homes, the company owned by his first love, he is finally motivated to go to work. He believes Sadonna betrayed him years ago when his mother died and he was kicked out of his home. Now, he wants to own everything she holds dear. As old feelings resurface, will Sadonna and Michael be able to forgive the past and fight for a future together?

Love Under Contract is a sweet romance, with a touch of mystery, and a dash of intrigue, that will make you believe in a second chance to get it right.

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Sweet Blooms

Sweet Blooms Cafe Shorts, Book 1

Victoria Tucker loves everything about her video game design job. Everything that is, except for the constant workplace harassment. When her grandfather dies, going home to grieve and regroup seems like the best option. She wants to keep her dream job, but not at any price.

Mark Seiman isn't exactly sure how he wound up working at Sweet Blooms Café. He came in once to view his late wife's art work on display, and now he's spent three years selling cupcakes and bouquets for the sweetest trio of little old ladies anyone could imagine. When his boss's granddaughter moves back home, he does everything he can to keep his distance and hold on to his wife’s memory, but every day with Victoria seems like a chance at a fresh start. 

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