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She is creating something for the future. He is guarding the past. Can love show them a way to overcome their differences to save the neighborhood they cherish?

​Rachel Pryce needs to prove she's more than a pretty face. When her company, Quality Housing, gets a grant to rebuild a community center, that's her opportunity to show what she can do. She can handle anything, except maybe the neighborhood liaison who will be acting as her assistant.

Burnt out think tank “phenom” Matthew Harris spends his time rebuilding the neighborhood that built him. When family businesses start moving out without notice, Matt is determined to find out why and Rachel is his ticket to uncover the truth.

Soon, both will discover there's more to the other than meets the eye. Caught between conflicting loyalties, the stakes are higher than either of them realized. Will they sacrifice it all for a chance at unconditional love?

Sweet Beginnings

Love Happens,Book 1

He's the man who has it all:  money and looks, but no one to share them with. She's the woman who doesn’t fit in: a single mom with no degree and more debt than she can handle.

Both of them came to the town of Sweet Blooms hoping to start over and find a forever home. To find love, they make a pact to help one another, not knowing what they are searching for is already in front of them.

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