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One Who Knows Unconditional Love

  • May 8, 2018

One Who Knows Unconditional Love

No one knows unconditional love like dogs. Here is my dog, Sasha.  That grey on her face is not part of the go grey fad.  This girl has a decade plus on her. She's a papillion mix. The word papillion means butterfly and her ears are a testament to her breed.

Sasha still runs up and down the steps. Races around the track and always forgets her size when larger dogs come near. She's at that age where she says everything with a stare.

No matter what, she is always willing and ready to lie down with me on the couch. Most times she beats me to the couch. She isn't a barker, because that just takes too much energy. She likes it when we toss a ball, not that we are ever going to get it back. If we go fetch the ball, she gives us the stare that says “I don't mind sharing, this time.”

Romance writers laud unconditional love through the ages, in space and sometimes with a paranormal twist. As a writer Sasha is my reminder that unconditional love isn't a fairy tale and it's available to us all.

Remember, You are the gift,


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