Bros and Rows: Breaking the Stereotype – Dean Hodel
  • May 13, 2018

Bros and Rows: Breaking the Stereotype

So I have confession to make: I knit.  It started when I was younger and it was suggested for me by a therapist.  Since then, it has been my personal stress reliever.  I knit scarfs to give away during the winter and small blankets for children's charity.

I'll never be as adept as those sock makers or those amazing knitters who do intarsia. However, I can hold my own with a strong basket weave stitch. Now before the judginess starts. ( I'm pretty sure that is not a word). Let me say men have been knitting through the ages.

Arabian men were doing it about 200 A.D with the first fishing nets.  In the middle ages, there were knitting guilds and labor unions. (Buclor, 2013). The guilds and unions were comprised of men only and knitting apprenticeships took about 6 years. As of 2013, the Craft Yarn Council estimated there are about 2 million boys and men knitting in the U.S and the U.K

I've included the link to provide more historic data about men knitting. It's summer time, time to start thinking about knitting projects for the charities, animals and most of all last minute gifts.

Remember, You are the Gift,


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