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  • May 16, 2018

Help Me Choose a Charity


In my last post, I told everyone the big secret, I knit.  That doesn't mean I do it quickly. So I have to look at charities early and make a commitment early. This year I'm reaching out to you, to help me choose. The options are below:

Should I knit for an animal charity or a women/children charity?

Women/Children Charity

1. Binky Patrol  – this charity creates blankets for children in need.

2. Knitted Knockers – this charity creates hand made prostethics for use after a mastectomy.  They can be used during the healing process.

Make A Knocker

Homeless Animals

1. The Snuggles Project  – this charity makes snuggles for homeless animals.

I'll run this for two weeks and keep you updated from all of my social venues on which one you choose for me.

Remember, You are the gift,


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