Sweet Dreams – Dean Hodel

Sweet Dreams

She was blinded by money.
He was blinded by his cause.
They'll discover only love endures.

Kelly Thomson was burnt out. Once she was a foster child with nothing. But then she became the most sought after corporate trainer on the East Coast. She had more money than she can spend but something was still missing. She decided to take a break and do something radically different in a town called Sweet Blooms.

Joshua Case was known as the twin who survived. He dedicated his life to helping troubled teens and became a school guidance counselor. When he was offered the opportunity to help set up a training center for high school kids, he immediately said yes.

They will clash as they try to build a place where they can be accepted and loved. They'll discover that love is not something that can be bought or earned. Unconditional love is freely given.

Sweet Dreams Cover Art