Sweet Engagement – Dean Hodel

Sweet Engagement

One had given up on finding love
One vowed never to trust love again
Together they’ll discover love heals all wounds

Evan Sparrow, a wood carver, knew loneliness. He had accepted it in his life. then one day he met a woman who saw the wonder in the carvings he made and he dared to hope she might find the wonder in him.

Cassandra Olsen came to Sweet Blooms fleeing an unhappy marriage and a messy divorce. When she meets Evan she discovers she hasn’t given up on love as much as she thought she had. Evan has the patience of a saint and he may need it if he wants a happily ever after with her.

Sweet Engagement is about hope, broken promises and the power of love. Welcome to Sweet Blooms, where love is always blossoming.

Sweet Engagement Cover Art