Sweet Inspirations – Dean Hodel

Sweet Inspirations

He’s supposed to keep her at arm’s length.
But somehow arm’s length just isn’t close enough.

Elizabeth Butler has seen the lowest times imaginable.  Now, she’s done feeling sorry for herself, and with a fresh reason for living, she’s ready to start over.

Henry Jenkins is back in town to turn his life around.  His ex-wife is happily remarried and Henry thinks it might be time for him to be happy again too.

When Elizabeth shows up with an easy offer and a tempting smile, Henry can’t believe his good luck.  But when she needs something he’s afraid to give, things on the Jenkins’ farm will start heating up.  Will distrust and fear keep them from love?

If you love a military man with a soft heart, a heroine with high expectations, and some spicy but clean kisses, you’ll get along great with Sweet Inspirations.

Sweet Inspirations Cover Art