Take Two – Dean Hodel

Take Two

She’s learned to live without him.
He’s learned he can’t live without her.

Three years ago Natalie Tucker’s life unexpectedly crumbled from beneath her.  Since then she’s rebuilt, moved on and tried never to think of him again.

Now Jackson Banner’s life is crumbling beneath him. He’s trying to save his company, his family, and his name.  He also realizes that he made the biggest mistake of his life when he let Natalie go.

It’s clear he can’t live without her, but it seems she’s learned to live without him just fine.  How can he possibly save his company, keep his job and get the girl he knows he can’t live without?

If you love a heroine who must forgive in order to trust again,
a hero who can admit when he’s wrong and fights for what he wants, then you’re ready for Jackson and Natalie.

Take Two Cover Art